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With the increased interest in family genealogy in Australia today, The Beechworth Public Cemetery Trust receives many requests for historical information. In each instance, every effort is made to comply with all requests received. Although the Cemetery Trust must make the information contained in the Cemetery records available to the public for historical and research purposes, there are some restrictions that are legislated under the Information Privacy Act 2014.

Information that cannot be provided includes:

  • The cause of death of the deceased - (for recent deaths)
  • The name and address of the “the next of kin” or “holder of the right of interment”.

The Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 provides Cemetery Trusts with an ability to charge a reasonable fee for information sought or for the making of copies or extracts of information from the records. Following any request for information contained within the Beechworth Public Cemetery records, The Trust will advise if a fee or charge is applicable.

To assist the Trust in processing a request for information, please complete the form or supply the deceased information in writing to The Trust.

Family Search Fee - $60.00

History Records

The Beechworth Public Cemetery holds records of interments dating back to the mid 1800’s.

There is, however, a proportion of missing or part records for the first twenty years from 1856 as follows:

  • Prior to January 1877
    No grave numbers are recorded
  • 1856 – 1860
    No Cemetery records
  • 1860 – 1867
    Sparse records only
  • 1867 – June 1876
    Generally good records in individual Denomination Register
  • June 1876 – December 1876
    No Cemetery records
  • June 1877 onwards
    Full details giving name, date of burial and location

Beechworth Cemetery Chronicle

Beechworth Cemetery Chronicle is an online digital mapping system which indicates the exact location of a gravesite by simply inserting a deceased name. It gives the plot details, date the person was buried, other people in the grave and shows where the plot is in the cemetery.

Eventually more burial details on each deceased person will be available on this system. It is helpful for family historians as it shows the exact location of the gravesite. It also assists cemetery administration as it readily indicates reserved, occupied, and vacant gravesites in the cemetery.

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